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Upcoming Shows

NOV 14 - 16
Indianapolis, IN

We will be at PASIC with
recordings and scores for
Child of the Earth and 

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There are many ways to GET IN THE LOOP, from attending concerts, to presenting concerts and sponsoring programs. Please find additional information in the outline below, and never hesitate to contact us with questions/comments.


Want to share Loop 2.4.3 with your community? Contact us to discuss a performance, talk, and/or workshop.

Become a Member:

Being a member allows you to access exclusive music streaming, free downloads, and more!  Content will be updated periodically, so check back for more.  See the upper right corner of this page to sign up.


We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help with event production and promotion.  Drop us a line or give us a call.  You don't need to be in NYC either...


Got skills and want experience, resume building, and/or college credit?  Give us a call!  We book gigs, build websites, run e-commerce, design posters, write press releases, make phone calls, shoot videos, publish music, run a record label, drive cars, move gear, run sound, etc...........

As an independent art music organization, Loop 2.4.3's operations are financed by a combination of ticket and merchandise sales, "in kind" service and equipment donations, and financial gifts and awards, primarily by individuals like you. 

Fiscal Sponsorship:

Loop 2.4.3 is a Brooklyn Arts Council "sponsored artist" and contributions to Loop 2.4.3/Music Starts From Silence are tax-deductible.  View our Sponsorship Letter at this link:  loop243.com/BAC-Sponsor-Letter.jpg

Donate online via the Brooklyn Arts Council - https://secure.givelively.org/donate/brooklyn-arts-council/loop-2-4-3

Checks should be made out to "Brooklyn Arts Council", with "Loop 2.4.3" or "Music Starts From Silence" in the memo line.  If desired, you may also send a note to designate the funds to a specific project (see below).  Checks/letters should be mailed to us directly at:

Music Starts From Silence
144 Spencer St., #517
Brooklyn, NY 11205-3960

Questions? Call/email Thom through our Contact page

Specific Projects:

  • CONCERT-LOOP  Help produce a Loop243 visit to your area. As many of you know, classical, jazz, and experimental music events are generally not funded on ticket sales alone.  They need underwriting to cover the variety of production expenses.  You can help fund a Loop243 visit in your area by donating lodging, a venue, administrative support, and/or funds to cover travel, etc. Your name will be listed in the program as an underwriter/producer of the event.  
  • OUTREACH-LOOP  Help underwrite a Loop243 appearance at a public school, library, senior center or other under-served community. 
  • LEGACY-LOOP  Help cover reproduction and distribution set-up costs for a legendary set of recordings.  These recordings are the last studio sessions produced by Robert Hohner for his percussion ensemble. Recently re-mastered by Jeff Harrison, the album was originally recorded by Harrison in 1998, and was eventually set aside due to illness. The album includes Mr. Hohner’s definitive version of Ionisation.  More information: loop243.com/HohnerUpdate2014.pdf

Recordings, Print Music, and Merchandise:

AD cover art - small

Help us keep the music rolling!  Loop 2.4.3 has released 4 recordings through Music Starts From Silence: Batterie (2007), Zodiac Dust (2009), American Dreamland (2012), and Time-Machine_music (2015).  These albums feature all original works, many of which are available as scores/parts for others to study/perform.  You'll also find T-shirts sporting creative designs by Stephen Gilewski and Jon Waldo.  Visit the Music Starts From Silence store for details.


Platinum Loop: Keith and Tsing Bardin, Maureen and Kip Engel, Thomas Kozumplik
Silver Loop: Anonymous, Anonymous II, Derek Crawford, Erika Freds, Joseph and Nancy Kozumplik, Rex and Betty Plasters, Richard and Beverly VanBrandt, Margaret Plucinsky, Sales Force Foundation
Friends Loop: Dolores Mitchell

Dr. Jill Ball, Rebecca Becker, Dr. Graeme Francis, Erika Freds, Kevin Getchell, Dr. Scott R. Harding, Eien Hunter-Ishikawa, Jon D. Johnson, Seth Kilbourn, Kevin Kosch, Thomas Kozumplik, Stephen A. Martin, Lorne Watson, Jeff White, Tobie Wilkinson, David Zerbe, Tony Zilincik.

Thanks to the following arts businesses for their generous support and amazing services:
Sean Boyd and ArtFarm RecordingCarroll Music, Stephen Gilewski Design, Dan Gottesman Photography, Joel Hamburger and GodelString, Jon Lundstrum (Junebug Photography), New York Percussion Service, David Yearwood Yoga, David Zerbe and the Legacy Percussion Orchestra, the Hohner Institute of Percussion and HIP worldwide.

Thanks to the following artists for their collaborative efforts:  James Armstrong, John Amira, Allan Baker, Noelle Barbera, An-Lin Bardin, Scott Bearden, Istvan B'Racz, Tom Burnett, Jon Catler, Classical Revolution RVA, Clogs, James Godwin, Kiyoshi Inoue, Aviva Jaye, Todd Reynolds, Jon Waldo, and Shara Worden