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Friday, April 26, 11am Coaching/Masterclasses
Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Boston, MA

Friday, May 3, 7pm - Concert/Multi-Media
ShapeShifter Lab - TICKETS
837 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY

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Loop 2.4.3 is an "open format", collaborative ensemble, led by composer/performer Thomas Kozumplik (Clogs, Yale Percussion Group, Newband). The group has a bent for exploring the vast musical possibilities of percussion instruments, inspired by the founding members’ artistic coming-of-age in room 243 with members of HIP (the Hohner Institute of Percussion). NPR’s Fresh Air described Loop 2.4.3 as an original voice that "sounds like part of a well-thought-out tradition. Only the tradition has never existed until now.”

Praised for "taut compositions with a stunning improvisational sense" (Time Out Chicago) and "intricate, energetic performances" (New York Times), Loop 2.4.3's compositions are rooted in the classical chamber music tradition, but the music has an undeniable psychedelic edge with strong improvisatory jazz and rock foundations. Incorporating a full range of traditional percussion and innovative electro-acoustic instruments, voices, strings, and found sounds, the music embraces the notion of journeyed story-telling.

In 2009, Loop 2.4.3 released Zodiac Dust, which received wide college and listener-supported radio play. The music spurred collaborations with Dafnis Prieto in NYC, and Bryce Dessner at the Barbican in London as part of the festival, Reverberations: the influence of Steve Reich. The group continued to collaborate with an off-beat community in the New York underground, including singer James Godwin; poet and improvising musician/performer, Tom Burnett; and painter/visual artist, Jon Waldo.

Described as "brand-new yet iconic" (Gramophone) and "a refreshing combination of rigor, complexity and force" (The Big City), 2012's contemporary song cycle American Dreamland prompted collaborations with operatic baritone Scott Bearden, indie rock starlet Shara Warden, and new music guitar hero Jon Catler (veterean of La Monte Young's Forever Blues Band). Dreamland was Loop 2.4.3's most ambitious set to date, and it's cross-over influence and appeal was noted by critics as "attractive and exciting...the band clearly has a lot of power that they keep just under the surface, giving them a slight flavor of threat that there should be a hell of a lot more of in rock and pop music" (The Big City).

Loop 2.4.3 changed gears again with 
Time-Machine_music, combining earthy drums and metals with electronic sounds/samples, and further integrating visual arts in performance. NYC-based painters/designers Catherine Rutgers and Jon Waldo continue to create evocative images for live video projections and physical media. Unique multi-media productions of Time-Machine_music have been premiered at the Heritage Center for the Performing Arts (Alma, MI), Winter Center (Millersville, PA), Temple Performing Arts Center (Philadelphia, PA), and the Shannon Center for the Perfoming Arts (Whittier, CA).

Record Label: MusicStartsFromSilence.com

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