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Joshua Tree Loop243      RealNewMusic

(Joshua Tree - courtesy of Teddy Quinn, Beatnik Lounge)

It's been a few days since the California tour wrapped, and I've almost got space to breathe..I have to say, overall it was a marvelous trip and I was completely honoured and humbled by the amazing support of presenters and friends.  I borrowed cars and instruments, slept on beds and couches, shared meals, and experienced wonderful friendship - what an uplifting experience in the clamour of our times!  I would like to send a special digital hug to the following individuals:  Keith and Tsing Bardin, Brian Karbowski, Lucio Menegon, Shane Cadman, Alex Vittum, Robin Schader, Kyle Wittlin, Susan Muscarella, Chris Marra, David Cameron, Rent Romus, Jenny, Carlos, and Malcom.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the concerts - hoping to see you all again soon!  xoxo - Thom

LA-Karbowski   SantaCruz      RealNewMusic2          

(Karbowski in LA)                     (Santa Cruz)                      (RealNewMusic, Shannon Center - photo by Jennifer King) 

more photos at: http://tttmachine.tumblr.com