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Loop 2.4.3 live                                                                                          photo credit:  Mike Franzman

ANCIENT / TRIBAL / FUTURIST - Thomas Kozumplik's Time-Machine_music explores literal and figurative manipulations of time, probing the experience of time from a personal and social perspective.  Underlying conflict is juxtaposed with melody, groove, counterpoint, and pulsing waves of sound and emotion, creating an immersive journey.  Depending on the venue, the music can be performed solo or with an ensemble, with optional video and lighting cues.  The instrumentation combines man's oldest instruments (percussion and voice) with electronics and time-based effects.  

View album details on our record label's page: Music Starts From Silence.

Musical Examples:  
Song of the Eldar (excerpt) 

MK Ultra (excerpt) 

Out to War (excerpt)


Welcome to the Time-Machine (excerpt 1)

Welcome to the Time-Machine (excerpt 2)  
  performed live at Art Farm, Accord, NY

Additional Work Samples


Live solo performance at ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY: video on Youtube


Thomas' ONE-SHEET for Outreach Activities and Collaborations

See the Time-Machine blog on tumblr:  http://tttmachine.tumblr.com/

KozumplikTime-Machine3mix LIVE 2.tinydrums1 LIVE.tiny
photos by Jennifer Wagner and Mark Brattke


American Dreamland  

Version 1:  Multi-media “American Dreamland” Program

The full-ensemble rendition of Kozumplik and Watson’s third album which includes electronics, voice, piano, keyboard, strings, and electric guitar in addition to percussion.  The music draws inspiration from the ideas of “place” and “time” throughout Kozumplik and Watson’s lives.  Industrial urban Brooklyn (where the group currently lives) contrasts the Ojibwe Indian Reservation of Northern Michigan (where Lorne spent several years teaching and playing with the Elders of the tribe) while wistful childhood counters post-modern nihilism. 

The  program showcases a variety of styles of playing and instrumentation that includes a simply sung round with marimba and steel drum, dramatic percussion works in the more classical style, a rock song, and spoken word interludes.

The images of East Village  painter, Jon Waldo, are synchronized to the music in a subtly animated video projection.  Waldo’s images of iconic Americana present a potent, sometimes humorous, sometimes devastating take on post-modern America that evokes and informs the music.  

This program has been performed nationally to critical acclaim.  Read a REVIEW of the premiere at Joe's Pub in New York City.

American Dreamland video playlist on Youtube

Joes Pub - full band 2.small 


Version 2:  Multi-media American Dreamland Program—NYPD tour version

The New York Percussion Duo presents selections from the American Dreamland Album and prior works.  A balance of melodic marimba/steel drum combinations and virtuosic works for multi-percussion and electronics rewards audiences with a wide spectrum of emotions, images, and flights of imagination.  Includes video projections of Jon Waldo (see description under full-ensemble rendition above.)

Works of other composers:

American Masters of Minimalism 

This program presents NYPD’s arrangements of Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood, and Terry Riley’s In C, along with a selection of their own writings for percussion and electronics.  Presents a pairing of melodic and minimalist works.