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Saturday, June 6, Interview - Richard Symister's Drumming Therapy Podcast

Sunday, June 7, 8am - Drummer's Mobility Online Class via MovEvolution, Brooklyn, NYC -INFO & SIGN-UP 

Jan. - Feb. - NYC
Recording Residency with Tom Burnett & Elliott Levin

Apr. - May - NJ via satellite
Guest Artist in Composition for NJ Public Schools

Tour Dates To Be Announced Soon


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We just wrapped up a tour of California, including stops in L.A., Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Gatos, Berkeley, and Saraotga.  Here's a photo of us with Shane Cadman of the Shannon Center for Performing Arts in Whittier.  Shane was a huge help on this trip!



We'd also like to thank our good friends Alex Vittum, Kevin and Jody Christensen, Tsing and Keith Bardin, Robin Schader and Dennis Evans, along with Teresa McCollough, Christina Zanfagna, Susan Muscarella, Trey at CA Percussion, and our 'LA band', pictured below: Brian Karbowski, Ben Cassorla, and Jen King, with her family Carlos and Malcolm Casillas.