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Brooklyn Classical series 

October 28

November 18

December 16

Limted seating, contact "info at musicstartsfromsilence dot com" for details and reservations.

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Written Catalogue of Works (Visit Audio mp3s or Videos for samples)

We have a mission to expand the repertoire and medium of percussion music for 2 percussionists through composing, improvising, and performing our works, and to share that music both through performing and through the distribution of the musical scores to other performers.  

We jointly compose our works both for the New York Percussion Duo and for the extended Loop 2.4.3 ensemble.  All of these works are somehow inspired by or reflect the great city for which the duo is named. Our composition process begins with a seed idea that is then expanded upon and re-worked during extended joint improvisation sessions in our Brooklyn studio. Ranging from concrete groove-based carnival-like atmosphere to downright creepy in nature (think Edgar Allan Poe,) the compositions fall somewhere between Anton Webern and The Beatles: a reflection of the music we grew up listening to and performing. No two performances are alike, as many of the pieces retain large sections of improvisation.  

If you’d like to commission a work, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Scores are available through the MSFS store. If you don't see a score you are interested in, please contact us directly.

Below is a full catalogue of our works to date:

Repertoire for Marimba and Steel Drum Duet
  • Rebirth (marimba chorale) 
  • Almglocken Melodien (marimba, steel drum)
  • Underground  (marimba, steel drum)  Commissioned by and Dedicated to Stephen Martin
  • Zodiac Dust  (marimba, steel drum, glockenspiel, optional strings)
  • As A Child  (marimba, steel drum, voices, NBC chimes, looper)
  • Tulip (marimba, vibraphone, piano) Dedicated to Patty Tighe

Repertoire for marimba, steel drum, and extended instrumentations:

  • I Knew (we shouldn’t) (steel drum, marimba, voice, piano, cello)
  • So Strong (voices, organ, marimba, steel drum, drums, electric guitar) Dedicated to Mike Rolon
  • Sakura (we must love) (voices, piano, organ, drums, marimba, electric guitar)
  • Epilogue  (voices, marimba, piano, electronics)
Repertoire for Multi-percussion Duets (including gongs, bottles, eLog, drums, woodblocks, Chinese opera gongs, shakers, Rose Echo, almglocken, cymbals, electronics)
  • The Existentialist (multi-percussion/drums, eLog)
  • Alchemy  (Rose echo, drums, bottles, almglocken)
  • Alchemy II: Dreamland (multi-percussion/drums, Rose echo, e-cymbals, voices) 
  • Dark Matter (multi-percussion/drums, eLog, rose echo) 
  • The Return of Chickchi (multi-percussion)
  • DBC (multi-percussion)
  • Walls of Waves (multi-percussion)
  • Son of Odin (multi-percussion)
  • Clouds (electro acoustic drums and loop pedal)

Traditional drumming

  • Traditional Cuban (bata)
  • Inter-Tribal (drum, turtle shell shaker, and voices)
  • Traditional Haitian (congas)

Native American Flute and drums

  • American Elder